Diddy Throws Shade To Artist At The BET Awards

During the The 2013 Bet Awards Pre Show, Diddy sent out a very shady tweet to fellow artist:

Can you say OUCH!

However, before everyone starts thinking Diddy is hating it's the exact opposite. Diddy goes on to explain that it's nothing but love:

Truth be told we agree with Diddy. We would love to see more artist dressed formal when coming to The BET Awards. We mean HELLO...there is a time and a place for everything. Some artist need to realize that this is the BET Awards and not the BET Hip Hop Awards.  Diddy was only offering some helpful advice. He reminds us of that uncle that's always saying "Back when I was young we knew how to dress" and proceeds to pull out pictures of him looking fly from back in the day. I hope these artist listen to Diddy because it's definitely time to set some new rules.

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