Back Together Again?!

Well, well, well...At last night's  BET Awards, Karrueche made it known that she and her on again, off again boo, Chris Brown, were definitely back ON! She took to her Instagram to post a picture of the two of them and wished him luck on his performance and nominations.

We all pretty much know the story behind Chris and Karrueche's relationship and how he left her to be with Rihanna again, and then left Rihanna and went back to Karrueche! It almost seems as if Chris is a little confused as to who he wants to be with, but Karrurche and Rihanna just can't get enough of him! If this was her way of letting the world know that they are official again, we wish them all of the happiness in the world! We can only hope that Chris doesn't change his mind again! This love triangle is getting to be a bit overwhelming...not to mention MESSY!

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