Beyonce Releases Visuals for "Bow Down"

Are you ready for the official video for King B's controversial new song "Bow Down" ?

Well you will have to keep waiting! 
However, in order to hold you over King B has released a 4 second snippet of what you can anticipate when the visuals do drop . Let's just say from these 4 seconds King B lets you know that "The capital b means, shes ‘bout that life.

She even performed the song in her  hometown of Houston, Texas...Before the performance kicked off you can hear voices saying, 
"She turned Michelle and Kelly’s mic down at the Super Bowl! I know she’s bald-headed, that’s why she always wears that damn weave! Why is she always wearing those tired leotards? She know she lying! She was never pregnant with that damn baby! She is not a diva and she is not a king!"

 Lately King B has been letting her ratchet, or "sophisticated ratchet" as The Dream likes to call it run wild, and we are loving every minute of it. She lets the haters know she hears them, but they better "bow down."

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