DJ Khaled Proposes To Nicki Minaj?!

Yup you read the title correctly! It is indeed true that DJ Khaled asked for Nicki Minaj's hand in marriage!
Are you a little confused??? Because we sure are! Is this real life?! Yesterday, live on MTV, DJ Khaled made this grand speech professing all of this love that he has for the American Idol judge and YMCMB rapper. Now, we've never known for these two to be romantically involved, so we are slightly confused as to where this proposal cam from! He didn't just jokingly say "Nicki will you marry me?" he really poured out his heart on national TV! Not only did he pour out his heart to Nicki, but he proposed with a 10 carat $500,000 ring!!! What happened to Nicki's relationship with her road manager? Where and how did all of this love come about? 
Check out the proposal video!

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Nicki has not yet spoken out on the proposal or whether or not she accepts. We are patiently waiting to hear what she has to say about this! 

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