His Royal Highness Prince of Cambridge Introduced To The World

Just a little less than 24 hours after giving birth to a baby boy, Prince William and Princess Kate introduce the brand new baby to the world!
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were all smiles as they walked through the doors at St. Mary's Hospital holding their precious baby boy who is almost one day old. Princess Kate emerged holding her son wrapped tightly in a blanket while photographers and reporters snapped tons of pictures. They stopped for short question and answer by one group of reporters and Prince William made a comment regarding the strong lungs the future King has. Can you imagine having to stand in front of thousands of people and cameras after being in labor for over 10 hours?! Shortly After being outside, Princess Kate handed the baby over to Prince William! They seem so happy and overjoyed to be the parents of the future King!

The couple is set to return to Buckingham Palace where they will have official photos taken of the future King! They have not yet decided on a name for the Prince but we are sure when they do there will be a grand announcement! 

Congratulations again to Prince William and Duchess Kate!! 

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