| In Case You Missed It | "Being Mary Jane" Starring Gabrielle Union!!

Last night BET premiered an all new original show entitled "Being Mary Jane," starring the very  SASSY Gabrielle Union. The show is produced by power couple Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil; who have also produced "The Game", "Girlfriends", and many other great films and sitcoms.

We here at The Sass couldn't wait for "Being Mary Jane" to premiere last night, and we weren't disappointed.

From the moment Mary Jane slid across that floor in the first scene to Rhianna's  single "CAKE" we were hooked.

Gabrielle Union does a great job of bringing the character "Mary Jane" to life. She is just like most women in America and someone every girl can see themselves in.

She even makes funny faces. A girl after our own heart!

And that walk to the anchor chair....can you say BOSS!

Our night got even better when we found out that "Being Mary Jane" wasn't just a movie but an actual television series. YES! However, we have to wait until January 2014 for any new episodes...ugh! We want more Mary Jane now! I guess until then we will have to keep replaying the premier episode.

In case you missed it we have the full episode below:

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