IPHONE Transformation

Anyone who has an Iphone knows that dropping your Iphone is possibly the worst thing ever. Literally, that five second  drop to the floor can cause major damage, and in the words of Sweet Brown "Aint Nobody Got Time For That." However, if it does happen and your phone cracks we have found the solution or a fun way to conceal it. Get those creative juices flowing in your mind because you will need them!

Recently while browsing we found a SASSY way to spice up a cracked Iphone.

  • A cracked white Iphone
  • Variety of highlighters or nail polish
  • Wet paper towels


1. Take your highlighter and color different regions of cracks with different colors. Try to squeeze some ink into the cracks. This step may require repetition, because the ink will not go in perfectly or dark enough in your first attempt. (If you want a darker color, refer to alternative step 2)

 Alternative Step 1: If you don’t like neon colors, you can use nail polish instead of high lighters. Since nail polish is more like water, you only need to do this once. Apply nail polish to the areas where you want certain colors.

2. If you used a highlighter, take a wet paper towel and squeeze out most of the water. Then wipe the top of your phone until excess ink is gone. If you used the nail polish, use the nail polish remover, but do not use too much since it will make your nail polish disappear.

3. Let the highlighter or nail polish dry for few seconds.

And just like that you have a brand new SASSY Iphone! Thank us later!

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