Kendrick Lamar Talks Girls, Drugs, and Music in Bullett Magazine Spread

Kendrick Lamar was chosen to be featured in this month’s Wild Issue for Bullett Magazine.  The spread which was photographed by Bjarne Jonasson, gives an in-depth look at how Kendrick Lamar has been dealing with his new found fame.

Although Kendrick Lamar barely drinks, doesn’t smoke, and rarely goes out he discusses the pitfalls of fame and how rough the temptation can be, 

“When you’ve got the spotlight on you, everything—drinking, women, drugs—is at your disposal times 10, so I have to be that much stronger. Every day is a struggle.”

He also reveals how he mastered his craft at a young age by listening in on grown folks conversations,

“Being around older people helped me develop my vocabulary,” he says. 
 “They got drunk a lot and they partied a lot, but they had great conversations. I always hung around older people because I understood more about the world than most kids my age. I picked up on things and practiced them in my conversations, in my writing. Fortunately, it grew into an art.”

In the article he definitely lets you know that he isn’t content with just being your average rapper.  He knows he has a gift and wants to share it with the world,

“Even if I had a 9-to-5 job, to not devote myself to this gift would be a slap in the face to the Man who instilled it in me.”

Read the full article at Bullett Magazine

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