Kenya Moore Twirls All The Way To The Bank!!!

We guess all the crazy antics from last season worked in Kenya Moore's favor, because the new star of The Real House Wives of Atlanta is allege to be getting a few more zeros in her paycheck this season! 

 From flirting with her cast mate's husband, stealing an idea, and having an allege stalker ex-boyfriend Kenya Moore definitely bought the drama to season 5 of The Real House Wives of Atlanta.  For season six Kenya decided to hold off on signing her contract until Bravo agreed to pay her major coin to act a fool on national television again. 

Since we all know that reality shows would be nothing without drama, BRAVO decided to give Kenya a major pay increase to the tune of $600,000 according to US Weekly! Twirl on that honey! Kenya is definitely "gone with the wind fabulous" for negotiating that deal! However, Ms. Moore isn't the only cast mate who's cashing out next season! Nene Leakes and Kandi Burruss will each make $800,000 this season while  Phaedra Parks and Porsha Stewart will be making $50,000 each. We all know Pheadra and Porsha are somewhere pissed at this news! While Kenya is laughing and twirling all the way to the bank!

Who knew that these reality show stars were making so much coin?! I guess that's why everybody and their mommas has one and according to Nene Leaks it's getting a little too crowded :
Gotta Love Nene!

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