Oh No! Victoria's Secret Gets Sued!!!

Victoria's Secret PINK collection is currently being sued by British apparel company Thomas PINK!

The lawsuit steams from Victoria Secret opening up PINK boutiques in the UK. The British brand is accusing Victoria's Secret PINK of potentially causing costumer confusion between the two brands. Seriously?!!! PINK has been around for years just like Victoria Secrets PINK and nobody has confused the two brands before now!

In the mean time Victoria's Secret has filed a declaratory judgement lawsuit in the US last week. The action, filed in district court in Ohio, seeks a "declaration" from the courts that Victoria's Secret PINK does not infringe on Thomas PINK in any way! Victoria's Secret states:

"[they just want to] continue the peaceful coexistence that has been in place for many years"

Thomas PINK is definitely reaching with this lawsuit. We know for us personally we have never walked into a Thomas PINK store looking for the famous 7 for $26 panty sale at Victoria's Secret, but hey what do we know!

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