Rihanna Goes Rougue With New Fragrance

"That Rihanna reign just won't let up..."

On July 12, Rihanna announced she would be expanding her fragrance collection with her fourth fragrance “Rougue.” The scent is "a flirty, sensual Oriental" scent that combines lemon blossom, jasmine, rose, plum, patchouli, and vanilla—just to name a few." The bottle is rose colored, with stingray cap and base covered in inverted spikes. You know bad girls love their spikes!
 This fragrance joins her previous releases of Rebelle, Reb’l Fleur, and Nude.

Everyone favorite bad gal definitely knows how to expand her brand!  From world tours, a MAC makeup collection, and other business ventures she certainly knows how to keep the checks coming. With the new fragrance launching in September the singer will no doubt be seeing dollar signs!
Does she ever take a break? Sheesh!
Rihanna spoke with Women Wear Daily about her new fragrance saying, “People are always changing and evolving and with Rogue I wanted to switch it up to reflect who I am today,” said the currently blonde songbird. “I made it for all women, for every mood, because we all want to project our true selves.

 Will you be indulging?

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