Shay Johnson Spills All The Tea About The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Reunion!!!

This week Shay "Buckey" Johnson stopped by  "The Breakfast Club" and revealed some major secrets about the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Reunion.

Shay seriously might not have a job after VH1 sees this video. She let the cat out of the bag about some major secrets set to be revealed at the reunion show coming up. The biggest secret she revealed was Scrappy exposed Erica about getting pregnant by a married man while they were engaged. Can you say OMG...if this is true we can already here Mama Dee screaming "Off with her head"...LOL!!! Throughout  the interview we couldn't help but notice the major shade Shay was throwing at Erica.  So you know she was excited to let that secret slip out.  Shay also revealed some alleged facts about Erica stating that Erica was Scrappy side piece when he was messing with rapper Diamond, she has roaches, and doesn't really love Scrappy. Then in the next sentence she said states she doesn't have a problem with Erica....*extreme side eye on that comment*. She even let it be known that it wasn't her fault that Erica can't keep her man. Can you say OUCH!

Watch Below:

Side-note: Charlamagne was a little too nice to Shay during this interview. He usually goes in on guest, but during this interview he didn't at all. Maybe he toned down his aggressive personality because him and Shay are "friends". His co-host asked him if he and Shay had ever hooked up and she denied it! Yeah OK!

With all the tea and secrets being spilled we are even more excited about the reunion. We can already tell that this reunion will be extra ratchet with Kirk cheating on Rasheeda, Erica and Scrappy's secrets being reveled, and the debate on whether MiMi's new boo is on the down low.  We can't wait to watch!!!

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