THEYBF.COM'S Owner Get's A New Gig!!!

If you read blogs just as much as we do then you are definitely familiar with the popular celebrity gossip blog,!!! However, you might not be so familiar with the owner, writer, and full time blogger Natasha Eubanks, but don't worry that's about to change!! Earlier this week, Natasha excitedly revealed that she would be the new on-air correspondent for "The Real" daytime talk show!

Once a week Natasha will serve as the go to girl for all the tea and shade dealing with celebrity and entertainment news. Get that coin girl! This is major motivation for The Sass! Natasha is a trailblazer in the blogging business and as long as we work hard and stay dedicated we will be making moves just liker her. Don't believe us just watch! 

We wish Natasha nothing but success with her new venture and we will definitely be tuning in!

7 Fabulous Facts About Natasha Eubanks
1. Started on June 29, 2005 because their was a lack of black celebrity blogs. So Natasha decided to create her own.
2. The YBF made more than a million dollars in revenue in 2010
3. The YBF gets more than 15 million hits per month
4. Natasha used to be a law student
5.  Natasha currently lives in Washington, D.C
6.  Natasha was featured on Black Enterprises leaders for Black Blogger Month
7.  Her first big check was from an ad agency for $10,000

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