Toni Braxton Loses 27 Songs In Bankruptcy Auction

Oh no! Things aren't looking too good for Tamar's big sister Toni Braxton. The six time Grammy Award winner was unsuccessful in her bid to buy back ownership of 27 of her songs this week.
Some of the songs that were sold were hits like "You're Making Me High", "How Many Ways", and " Always." Thank goodness she didn't lose  "He Wasn't Man Enough for Me" or "Unbreak My Heart" because that would have been devastating!

The singer had to sell her songs in order to resolve a bankruptcy issue, including settling a debt of $150,000! As part of the agreement, Toni was given an opportunity to buy back some her personal property by entering an auction to purchase the copyright of the 27 songs for $20,000. As long as no one else bid on the songs she was cool. However, someone definitely beat her to the punch and in a major way! According to TMZ, a buyer named Ross M. Klein doubled the offer and now owns the rights to all 27 songs and can make a profit from these songs.  Toni now has to pay this man anytime she wants to sing any of the 27 songs he know owns. We know that has to be annoying! Hopefully, Toni will get all her songs back and fix this problem or I guess we won't be hearing those 27 songs any more.

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