Vivica A. Fox Pops Off on Hair Stylist

Everyone knows that you don't play when it comes to a woman's hair, especially if that woman is Vivica A. Fox
On tonight's episode of WEtv's "L.A. Hair" Vivica A. Fox pops all the way off on hair stylist China for being late and unprofessional. Vivica get's extra SASSY and basically tells China that she can kick rocks because she isn't handling her business. We here at The SASS feel Vivica's pain. Nothing grinds our gears more than having to wait all day to get your hair done and then the stylist doesn't even do what you want! How annoying is that?! China better get it together! Watch Vivica give China a piece of her mind below:

Don't forget to watch "L.A. Hair" every Thursday night on WEtv at 8pm!

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