Wale Gives Back In a Major Way

Wale's new album "The Gifted" debuted at #1, and what better way to celebrate then to pay forward the success with a scholarship for college students.

The recipient was Lauren Pryor, a sophomore who attends Hampton University (shout out to the HBCU!). Before winning the scholarship Lauren was considering dropping out of school due to the rising cost. However, faith stepped in and she heard about "The Gifted" scholarship on June 18th from Norfolk hip hop station 103 JAMZ. In order to win she had to be the 25th caller. 

"I was on my way to a friend’s home in Hampton," negotiating Hampton Roads traffic when she heard the radio challenge, that the 25th caller would win the prize, related Pryor. The station said to call between 4 and 5 p.m. She was in her friend’s driveway at 3:55 and started. "I called four or five times. The line was always busy." She kept trying. "On about the 14th call I told myself to give it a rest. I was taking the phone from my face and had my thumb on the ‘end’ button when I heard a man say ‘hello.’I didn’t believe it. He told me there were millions of calls and he only picked up the phone 14 times nationwide."

She received the scholarship at Wale's debut party for his new album. Congratulations again Lauren!
The cost of school is no joke and the cost is rising each year. Like Lauren many students are considering dropping out due to the cost and not having the means to pay it. Major kudos to Wale for doing something positive and helping this young woman out.  We hope more celebrities take Wale's lead and pay forward the success they have been blessed with.

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