7 Things We Learned About Adrienne Bailon From Watching "The Real"

This summer we got to know the real Adrienne Bailon thanks to her spot as co-host of "The Real." On the show Adrienne kept it super real by telling us all of her business and we do mean all. Here at The SASS we have picked out our top 7 favorite things we learned about Adrienne Bailon after watching the show, and let's just say it's more to this former Cheetah Girl than meets the eye!

1.  Did you know that Adrienne got a boob job when she was 19!! Us either! Well, after her first Cheetah Girl movie Adrienne decided to throw some "B's" on it and instead got some "D's" thrown on by accident! Disney wasn't having it and Adrienne didn't like the unwanted attention so she got them removed!

2. She got a ratchet tattoo of her ex-boo Robert Kardashian name on her booty. She's currently in the process of getting it removed. We can only imagine getting that 18 letter mistake removed. Ouch!

3. Adrienne is probably one of the only girls in the world who thinks it's okay to be friends with your ex-boo's current girlfriend. Is she serious or nah?!! We don't know about friends but we can be cordial. She even went as far to say the people in her circle could date one of her ex-boo's! Adrienne girl your tripping with that one!

4. Adrienne has a porn obsession when she's bored. She admitted she watches it when she's bored to make fun of the ridiculous acting. However, she does get turned on every now and again!

5. Adrienne has never dated a guy with a living father! Aww that sad. Fathers are great and they give you glimpse of how your boo will be in a few years.

6.  When Adrienne was 18 she bought her boo a car to chauffeur her around in because she didn't have a license. What's even sadder about this situation is her ex-boo is still riding around in the car that she bought him.

7.  Remember that episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians when Rob received a letter from Adrienne new boo telling him to leave her alone? Well Adrienne revealed that there was no new boo and her and a friend wrote the letter themselves to get Rob to stop calling! We knew something about that letter was off, what grown man you know writes another man an email like that?!

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