Benzino's Naked Flicks Hit The Internet Again!!!

Haven't celebrities learned that it's not safe to send naked pictures?! Obviously not, because a picture of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Benzino just got leaked! 

A few days ago a young man leaked photos of Benzino in nothing but his birthday suit onto Instagram, but here's the kicker allegedly Benzino sent the flicks to him...oh gosh!

Once Benzino got word that his naked flicks were floating around Instagram he tweeted:

 Benzio claims someone stole his phone in the club after he asked them to take a picture of him! Apparently Benzio has never heard of taking a selfie?!! Major side eye ! This situation sounds super suspect! 

If you want to see Benzino naked flicks click HERE. Just remember these are not safe for work! 

 This isn't Benzino's first or second photo to leak he should definitely know better and stop sending pics!

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