Beyonce's Beyhive Goes In On Singer For Talking About Her Hair!!!

Beyonce fans do not play when it comes to their King Bey! Last week Beyonce debuted her new pixie cut and it got a lot of people talking. Some people loved it and others hated it! However, one singer in particular said something that got Beyonce stans fired up and they went on full attack mode per usual!

The singer was none other than Kevin McCall. For those of you who don't know who Kevin is let us run it down for you. He is a singer, song writer for Chris Brown, and currently the boyfriend to Americas Next Top Model winner Eva Marcille.  Anyway, after Beyonce debuted her new cut Kevin sent out this subliminal Instagram post:

Although, the message doesn't mention a name Beyonce is the only person who debuted a hair style similar to Eva's during the time of this post. Anywho, word got back to the Beyhive who put two and two together and they went crazy on Kevin Mccall! They wrote all types of reckless comments on his post making sure he felt the wrath of the Beyhive...SMH!

In our opinion we don't think Eva nor Beyonce started this "short hair don't care trend" and although the timing of the comment is super shady, we don't think Kevin meant any harm to Beyonce with the statement. Both women are owning and rocking their short cuts differently. We don't see a problem at all! Kevin, just stick to music and let the ladies focus on the hair please!

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