Chris Brown Allegedly Suffers A Seizure

It is being reported that Fine China singer, Chris Brown, suffered a seizure early Friday morning. 
Media sources are reporting that superstar Chris Brown, suffered a seizure early this morning at a LA recording studio. It's said that Brown refused treatment when the EMT arrived and did not want to go to the hospital...SMH.

We are really praying for Chris here at The Sass and we wish him a speedy recovery. Just earlier this week he was tweeting about retiring from the music industry! 

Chris, we know you have a lot going on and there is a lot of pressure on you right now, but at some point and time you really have to stop and take care of YOU! Seizures are nothing to play with and can be extremely harmful to people. We hope that Chris takes some time out to see a doctor and figure out how to keep his health under control. 

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