Chris Brown Goes Off On Twitter Yet Again!!!

Another day another Twitter rant from Chris Brown. This is time he's going off on the police, the DA that denied he did community service, and rappers in general.

One minute Chris is tweeting about his new single "Love More" featuring Nicki Minaj and an hour later he's going off! We don't know who or what caused the sudden outburst but whatever it was really set him off!

Seriously he needs to hand over all his social media accounts to his publicist, because obviously he isn't responsible enough to handle them! We understand that he's under a lot pressure and many people often see him as a bad guy that's never going to change, but these Twitter rants aren't doing anything to prove them wrong. He needs to learn to stop letting his emotions get the best of him and let it roll. Sometimes you have to pick and choose your battles. Le Sigh!

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