Congratulations To Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Rasheeda and Kirk!!!

This morning, Rasheeda took to her Instagram  to let us know that her baby boy Karter was about to make his grand entrance into  the world!

After watching Rasheeda's pregnancy and marriage play out on TV and seeing everything she went through, we couldn't be more excited for her! Now, being excited for Kirk is a different story. How could he have treated not only his wife, but his PREGNANT wife like that?!! But, I digress...
Rasheeda and Kirk have been giving us updates all morning on her delivery!

Kirk posted this picture on his Instagram this morning with the following caption:

"Gm. It's about to go down."

We are happy to see that Kirk was actually at the hospital and by Rasheeda's side as she delivered the baby which he claimed on the show was not his *insert side eye here*

Having a baby is such a blessing so we are extra excited for them and we can't wait to see Karter's little face!

Congratulations from The SASS!!!

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