Gabby Douglas Leaps Into Your Television With New Biopic!!!

Gabby Douglas! You know the face, you know the name, and now you will know the story! The Olympic champion is officially bringing her biopic to a TV near you!

Last summer at the 2012 Olympics in we watched Gabrielle Douglas leap right into the history books as the first African American gymnast to become the individual all-around Olympic champion! It's no wonder Hollywood producers decided to make "The Gabrielle Douglas Story" this girl is amazing! The movie begins production on September 19th and will run through the end of October in Winnipeg, Canada.  The television movie will be produced by Zev Braun, Phillip Krupp, and David Rosemont. With Gregg Champion serving as the director and Tracy Twinkie Byrd as the casting director. 

The big question is who will play the golden girl Gabby in the movie?!!!
No one has been chosen yet but whoever it is better be ready! The actress will have to have some gymnastics ability, a winning smile, and some serious acting skills! We can not wait to see who they choose!!

The movie will hit television screens either the end of this year or earlier next year; either way we will be watching!

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