Game Denied Entry To Restaurant Due To Tattoos

Tattoos are extremely common and acceptable in today's society. So you wouldn't think that having having them would stop you from doing anything, well think again! Recently, rapper The Game was denied service at a California restaurant due to being tatted up.

On August 11th The Game stopped to have lunch at Houston's in Pasadena, California. However, he was turned away by a manager for having tattoos on his arm! The Game became enraged and took to Twitter to tell the world about the incident. 

Some of The Game's followers were quick to scream racism while others simply said The Game wasn't following a dress code. If there was a dress code the manager should have simply stated that instead of commenting on his tattoos. The manager even called the tattoos threatening (side eye). We didn't know that tattoos could hurt people...SMH By mentioning his tattoos the manager was definitely profiling him. The restaurant has yet to comment on the incident. We hope they clear this up soon because Houston's has some bomb spinach dip and we don't want to give that up due to their recklessness. Get it together!

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