Is The Lifestyle Of The Rich And Famous Too Much For Chris Brown?!

O no! We are completely saddened, but not surprised, by the recent events that have taken place in Chris Brown's life. Chris has had a rough few years and it just doesn't seem to be getting any easier for him.
Chris Brown turned himself in to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department at the Van Nuys jail yesterday afternoon on hit and run charges that took place in late June. According to police records, Brown was released within an  hour without posting bail. It is allegedly being reported that Chris Brown hit a woman's car at a red light and fled the scene, which he denies and pleads not guilty to.

We guess the recent turn of events are really getting Chris down and causing him to question his career and talent. The singer/dancer/ actor took to his Twitter account to express how he felt and to talk about retirement!

We here at The Sass are really praying for Chris and hoping that he can pull through this rough situation. We would hate to see so much talent and passion go away. Chris has made some mistakes in his life but that's what life is all about. We learn from our mistakes and move on and hopefully we can teach others to do better than we did. We really love Chris and his music! We have been down with him "Run It!" 

Chris, your fans are rooting for you! Your are loved immensely and crazy talented! Just know you have our support! 

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