"It's Too Expensive"

There is no way that anybody wouldn't recognize the face of the legendary Oprah Winfrey...Right?! WRONG! Apparently Ms. Winfrey isn't that well known in Switzerland (which we really don't understand)!
While cerebrating in Zurich, Switzerland with another legend, Tina Turner, Oprah decided to stop by a boutique to do some light shopping.

When Ms. O entered the boutique and asked to see a Tom Ford purse, the sales associate allegedly denied her request and told her that the bag was "too expensive." 

In her interview with ET, Oprah discusses how she feels about the use of the N word and if she has ever been called one. Oprah says that "nobody in their right mind is going to call me that to my face." Yesss Oprah! She knows just how powerful she is and she knows that nobody can be crazy enough to call her out of her name to her face...they can say whatever they want behind her back (that's usually how things work).
She uses the example of the incident in Switzerland to discuss racial profiling and how it is still very much alive today. 

Of course we think that it's extremely sad that racism is still very alive today, but by no means are we surprised. Racism is like a constant demon and a constant reminder of what African Americans once were in this country. It's unfortunate that after so many years and all of the contributions that have been made by African Americans, that we still aren't seen as equals in America or even in other countries as in Oprah's case. 

While it's a very sad situation, it's good that we have powerful and influential African Americans that help to shed light on this issue with hopes of bringing about change. The fact that Oprah decided not to make a big scene about the $38,000 purse was great. We hope that this can bring about some type of change in this world, not just the United States. 

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