Kim Kardashian Brings Special Guest To Kanye's Grandfathers Funeral

Thanks to E! (of course) we got a quick glance at Kim Kardashian and her special guest today at a funeral in Oklahoma City. 

The special guest was none other than baby North West and this time we actually get to see her! Well not really it was just her feet, but we are pretty sure that we will see the little cutie's face soon!  The twosome supported Kanye West as he attended the funeral for his grandfather Portwood Williams Sr. , who was 98 when he passed on August 10th. However, that wasn't their only reason for coming. The new parents also wanted to introduce North to Kanye's family.

 Before passing Kanye's grandfather had nothing but nice things to say about Kim in his interview with NY Daily News

"She is beautiful--and she's just as sweet as she is beautiful"

Aww!!! Isn't that sweet! It's good to know that Kanye had his grandfathers approval of Kim!

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