Kim Kardashian Goes In On Fake Media Friends!!!

We guess Kim Kardashian is taking notes from her baby daddy  Kanye about spazzing on people because the usually nice and bubbly Kim let her "fake media friend" have it via Instagram!

It all started when media mogul Katie Couric revealed her true feelings about the Kardashian family

"I don't understand- why are they so famous? I think it's mostly teenage girls that are interested"

Little did Katie know that Kim heard her loud and clear and didn't appreciate her throwing shade to her family. So Kim decided to expose Katie via Instagram for being super fake!

Those hash tags have us in real tears! We guess Katie forgot that she sent them a gift? #NoNewFriends huh Kim?
Katie definitely tired it but it's obvious that Kim is not playing anymore! We here at The SASS are loving the new SASSY Kim! It's about time that she stood up for herself! These celebrities better be careful because the Kardashians aren't taking any prisoners with these shots their throwing out!

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