Look Who's Coming Home!!! Rasheeda, Kirk, and Baby Karter!!!

After delivering a baby boy named Karter last week, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Rasheeda has been released from the hospital!
Over the weekend proud parents Kirk and Rasheeda were seen taking their new bundle of joy on his first car ride home. Awww!!! We can't wait to see his handsome little face.

Meanwhile the status of Rasheeda and Kirk's marriage is still in question. We wonder if Kirk is still trying to get back in Rasheeda's good graces after showing his behind last season? Nevertheless, no matter what we saw on t.v. or what we think we know Rasheeda says that Kirk is a great father.  In a recent interview with Hip Hop Weekly, Rasheeda discussed working things out with her husband

" It's an everyday thing. It's a work in progress. When the child comes into play, it's a feeling you can't explain. Although a lot of things had been shown and seen, I already knew that when it comes to be a father, this would be a role that he's always known to play. Things were put in perspective on television that he was not a good father but he's a great father and my older son Kai is extremely happy to have this little brother. It's a good time for us and I don't want anything to get on my nerves."

Whatever the case may be we would like to congratulate the couple on their new blessing once again.

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