We all love RGIII and him coming to the Redskins, but we have to admit we really really hate his hair.   Seriously it's 2013 and our man still has plaits or whatever you want to call it. Secretly we all hoped  he would change his hair once he got settled into the season and got a dose of that DMV lifestyle but nothing happened. However, our prayers have finally been answered (insert emojii praise hands)!

Today RGIII chopped the plaits and opted for cornrows complete with designs. Yeah he got zig zag's and everythang. It's not a full upgrade but hey we will take what we can get! RGIII talked about his new hair today at the Redskins press conference for the 2013-2014 season:

 “New phase, new hair. Let’s do it.”

He hinted that he may not keep the look for long though:

“Maybe I’ll let my mom go back and do my hair. We’ll see what happens.”
His new cornrows are courtesy of Candace Hargrove at the Beauty Bar in Richmond which is near the Redskins training facility. Candace is featured in the above pic with the hat on! Candace girl we thank you and hopefully you can persuade him to cut it all off eventually!!

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