Mariah Carey Catches Nick Cannon Flirting With Co-Star!!!

Mariah Carey does not play when it comes to Nick Cannon and other females. Recently, while Nick was shooting an episode of his hit comedy show Wild 'N Out he got a little too close for comfort with a female co-star onstage during a skit. This didn't sit too well with Mariah, because within seconds she emerged from backstage and checked him real quick!  

As soon as Nick saw his wife appear with her two body guards he knew he was caught red handed! Mariah came out and let it be known multiple times

"I will shut all this sh-t down"

LOL! You better keep him in check Mimi! Nick was beyond embarrassed and replied

"I know, I'm sorry"

In the words of Kevin Hart, "Nick Cannon going learn today." 


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