Maxwell Lashes Out On Fans Via Instagram!!!

Have you ever heard about the "Five I" rules of Instagram?! Well it goes like this " I post what the heck I want, when I feel like it. Therefore, if you don't like it I don't give a sugar honey ice tea." Well, apparently Maxwell had to let a few of his Instagram followers know about the rule when they complained about him not showing black women love on his gram!

Earlier this week Maxwell posted the pic below to his Instagram account.  We think this is the pic that broke the camels back, because all of sudden Maxwell started receiving comments on the pic about how he never shows love to black women on the gram.
Apparently, Maxwell was getting tired of people telling him what to post on his page so he lashed out with this message:

Some of the comments he received were crazy:
"Ewww where are the beautiful sisters…No hate, but there is a lack of diversity and they are sooooooo skinny."
" #neverleaveyourcorefanbase"

"Here we go again with the white girls SMH Let's see some Beautiful African Women"

After doing a little digging ourselves we found out that Maxwell does post pics of women of all races. However, if he did only post pics of white women who cares?! If he likes it we love it!  It's his business and his page! His followers need to get their drawers out of a bunch! No matter what kind of woman he prefers he still can sing his behind off!

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