Meet Baby North West!!!

Today is the day we have all been waiting for! Kanye West appeared on Kris, Kris Jenner's talk show this morning! The two laughed and joked and Kanye definitely got super mushy talking about his love for Kim and Nori!

Kim delivered their baby girl on June 15, 2013, and much to our surprise, they have been very hush hush with how she looks and everything! We know that was really hard for her family because they share EVERYTHING! Anyway, we have been impatiently waiting for months to see this little cutie pie and today was our lucky day!!!

Meet baby North West!!

*insert one thousand emoji heart eyes here!!!!*

How freaking adorable is she??!!! OMG she's absolutely precious! Nori looks just like her mommy but those cheeks are screaming Kanye! Gosh! How did they keep this cutie away for so long!

It's so obvious that Kanye absolutely adores his new family (it looked liked his eyes were watering). We guess that hard core, fighting the paparazzi Kanye can be a little emotional at times.

We just LOVE Kim and Kanye and we are so excited for them and their new bundle of joy! We know they are and will continue to be fantastic parents!

Congratulations Kimye!!! 

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