Miguel Gets Arrested!!!

 How many drinks does it take for Miguel to get a DUI?
Obviously not that many, because the singer was arrested this morning in L.A. for failing multiple sobriety test!

 Apparently Miguel must have been getting super turned up last night because he was stopped by the Feds due to speeding and the tint on his windows (those tints get you every time). However, once he was pulled over the Fed's smelled alcohol on him and it was a wrap. 

Miguel was given several sobriety test and failed every single one. Minutes later he was taken to jail and charged with a DUI! Can you imagine Miguel siting in jail with his little leather pants and soft hair?!! LOL!!! Thankfully, he didn't have to stay long because he posted the $5,000 bail within a few hours. 

 We know one thing, Miguel better get his life together! He is supposed to be performing at the 2013 Made In America Festival and we already bought our tickets! So he better be there!  Jail is no place for pretty boys like him so he better tighten his boots and quick!

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