|NEW MUSIC| Kat Dahlia- Clocks

We remember when we first heard the single "Gangsta" we were in love with the song but didn't know who sang it. However, we knew whoever it was had a hit on their hands and we couldn't wait to hear more from the artist. Now with the release of her third single, we definitely know who Kat Dahlia is and she's back with another hit!

In the song co written by Salaam Remi, the Cuban- American singer gets extra SASSY! With lyrics like:
"We live up in the the jungle, we cocky but humble/You don't wanna rumble, speak up bitch don't mumble/You want it you got it, too fly for the party/Bitch, I'll be your preacher, I get this shit started."

This single along with "Gangsta" will appear on her debut album My Garden which will be released in February via Epic Records.

Listen below:

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