Raven Symone Is Loud, Proud, and Finally Out The Closet!!!

For years there has been speculations that Raven Symone kissed a girl and she liked it! . However, she never addressed the rumors and remained tight lipped about her personnel life. That is until now!

 In a subtle tweet that was heard around the world Raven confirmed kinda what the world has known forever...that she likes girl! The tweet read:

She tweeted this in response to the government finally overturning The Defense of Marriage Act which allows her to get married to someone of the same sex. Finally, Raven is loud, proud, and out to the world! It all makes sense now. For years we never saw her with a man and she was linked romantically to America's Top Model Contestant AzMarie for awhile. Everything has come full circle for the former Cosby kid. Kudos to her for being so brave...get it girl! 

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