Raz-B Get's Brutally Attacked?!!!

The last we heard about former B2K member Raz-B was he was taking his talents to China to launch a solo singing career. However, no matter where he goes or what he tries to do trouble always seems to find him though. It has been reported that the singer was involved in a brutal attack that left him needing surgery! OUCH!

According to TMZ, Raz-B was performing at a nightclub in China called Zheijang when he noticed a fight break out in the audience. So what did Raz-B do? He put on his superman cape and jumped into the crowd to personally break it up. Was that a dumb idea or nah? Now we all know no good deed goes unpunished, so Raz-B's award for breaking up fight was a bottle to the face. OUCH!!!!

The brutal attack left several cuts across his face an deep gash in his lip. To add insult to injury both Raz-B and his attacker were arrested! Eventually, he was released and his attacker was forced to pay $5,000 for Raz-B's medical fees! We know the attacker is beyond blown that he or she ended up spending $5,000 plus for attending a Raz-B concert...LOL! 

Raz-B was rushed to hospital where he had to have an emergency 1- hour surgical procedure to repair the self proclaimed "hole" in his lip. In a statement to TMZ Raz-B stated

"Thank god I made it to the hospital"

After all of this Raz-B does not plan to seek charges against his attacker. However, he does plan on bringing his talents back to the U.S. by the end of the year to make a "big comeback". Hopefully, he's okay because we can't wait to see this "big comeback"...LOL!!!

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