|SASSY SNACKS| Simply Fruit Popsicles

The summer is almost over *insert crying emoji*, but before it's official gone you have to try these Simply Fruit Popsicles! These Popsicles are delicious and super easy to make! 


(1) Package of Popsicle/craft sticks 
(1) Package of 3 oz. plastic cups
(1) 1lb carton of strawberries
(4) Kiwis
(1) 20 oz. can of pineapples
(2) Peaches
(1) Bottle of Simply Lemonade
(1) Mixing Bowl
(1) Mixing Spoon


1.  Chop all of the fruit up into small chunks and mix them all together in a bowl.
2. Fill each plastic cup up with the fruit mixture.
3. Pour the lemonade into each cup until full.
4. Insert popcicle stick.
5. Let them freeze for 6 hours
6. Once they are finish freezing run hot water over the cups to loosen the cup.
7. Remove the popsicle from the plastic cup (it should pull right out of the cup).

Don't be afraid to mix it up! Add your favorite juice or favorite fruit to customize this sassy snack. We know we did! 

We hope you enjoy this SASSY SNACK!

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