Stacy Dash Causes Controversy On Twitter Again!!!

Stacy Dash is no stranger to controversy. Every couple of months she says something crazy on Twitter that has everyone giving her the side eye. For example she supported Paula Deen through her n-word scandal, she ridiculed Jay-Z and Beyonce for going to Cuba, and she let the world know that she was voting for Mitt Romney in the presidential election. A little crazy right?! Recently, she decided to give Oprah a piece of her mind via Twitter and let's just say we are definitely giving her the side eye on this one!

During an interview Oprah compared the tragic story of Trayvon Martin to the famous tragic story of 14-year-old Emmet Till, and called Trayvon Martin the Emmet Till of our generation. This comparison did not sit well with 46-year-old actress because she went straight to Twitter to criticize Oprah.
and the entire tweet here

We here at The SASS support freedom of speech and all but Stacy Dash definitely tried it! Oh and if your wondering if Oprah responded, she didn't! She's too busy celebrating her movie Lee Daniels' The Butler being #1 at the box office to engage in a Twitter beef! 

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