Tamar And Vince Are Set To Release Relationship Book

One of our favorite power couples, Tamar and Vince, are surely making their mark on the entertainment industry. After being married for 5 years and just giving birth to their new baby boy, these 2 are not about to let their careers fall by the waist side! 
Tamar has been super busy lately being a mom, co-hosting a talk show, promoting her album, starring on reality TV shows, and so much more! Vince has been busy being a new dad, starring on reality TV shows and doing his thing in the music industry. It's amazing that they can even find time to write and release a book! But we all know Ms. Tay Tay will definitely DO THAT!! 

The book, entitled "Love and War", will hit the shelves on Black Friday, November 29, 2013. In her interview with Baltimore's Magic 95.9 radio station, Tamar revealed why the book will be named after her upcoming album:

“It’s called Love &War because … we’re going through a lot in our relationship,” explained Tamar regarding the book’s title. “I call [the song "Love & War"] the soundtrack to our relationship.” She says that the book will tell her story, Vince’s story, and “their” story.

We absolutely love Tamar and all of the SASS she gives so we can't wait to read some of her relationship advice and to hear Vince's side of the story. 

We ain't mad at them! Make that money!


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