Tamar Braxton And K. Michelle Throw Shade Over Twitter!!!

We don't know who stays in more drama Tamar Braxton or K. Michelle! You would think that since both of these women finally have albums coming out they would be too busy celebrating instead of going at each others throats on Twitter, but hey what do we know! 

It all started when Tamar noticed that K. Michelle was looking a little too familiar in the wig department  ever since K. Michelle started wearing a new blonde wig. So in true Tamar fashion she took to Twitter to subliminally call K. Michelle out! Oh Tay Tay! 

K. Michelle may be changing her attitude but she was not about to let that comment slide!

We guess Tamar wasn't ready for K. Michelle and her fans which she calls "Rebels" because all of a sudden she started feeling attacked.
Things got even funnier when Aresno Hall out of all people jumped in their feud.

Now you know we love us some Tay Tay but she knew exactly what she was doing when she sent that tweet! In response, K. Michelle should have let that comment roll though. Last night was her album release party and instead of enjoying her self she was beefing on Twitter...SMH.

We wonder if these two will ever be cordial? What do you think? 

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