Tameka Foster Goes On GMA To Set Record Straight!!!

Gold digger...Bitter...Crazy...Babymama! These are just some of the words that Tameka Foster has been labeled with during her marriage and divorce with singer Usher.  However, with the recent news of their 5-year-old son Usher V "Cinco" experiencing a near fatal pool accident, Tameka has had enough! On the day that her son was released from the hospital and into the custody of his father (Tameka lost the emergency custody hearing), Tameka Foster was doing an interview with Good Morning America in order to set the record straight! 

In the interview with Dan Abrams Tameka discusses her emergency custody hearing, failing a psychological test, and whether or not she blames Usher for the accident. 

Her reaction to the near tragic accident that almost claimed Usher V's life
I was mad because I was like ‘How did this even happen? Who was watching him? Why was my son under water for nearly 3 minutes?

On where she was when she received the news
I was at a dental appointment. He doesn’t call me regularly, so when I saw his number come up. I immediately jumped up because I figured he has the boys. I need to get this.

On almost reliving the same tragic incident that claimed her son Kylie's life
It was like I relived it. My brain just went into all of those modes. I even said on the phone ‘I’ve had this call before.

On whether or not she blames Usher for the accident
I didn’t blame Usher for it. I was just angry that it happened on his watch, because while accidents happen, never have my children been injured on my watch.

The truth behind her filing for custody after the accident
When the incident happened, my attorney filed a emergency motion, so that when my son was released from the hospital, he wasn’t going to have to go back to the house where the incident happened. Because based on our custody schedule, just like now my son was released into his fathers care again, I deemed that an emergency.

On what she would like to see happen in the custody hearing
I would like to have my first right of refusal, which means that when he is not present , the kids come home to their mom, they don’t stay home with the nanny and watch whatever show he is on. They come home to their mom. I had to see on Instagram that my 4-year-old lost his first tooth, that’s my baby. Things that are precious moments and milestones, I’m just missing them.

On failing a psychological test and being diagnosed with a mental disorder
Yes. I’m going to be retested. You would think that from hearing that, it sounds like ‘Wow, she must be cutting the kids or beating them excessively or on crack or selling crack.’ […]

On how the she's portrayed in the media
I’m just bad, hell on wheels. One thing I will say is, I’m an individual. I don’t have a publicist, I don’t have a manager. I don’t have an agent. I just have regular, working-class friends and family. We don’t know how to fight the machine. […] It’s hurtful sometimes because it’s so far from the truth. You’re talking about a woman that has her own career and to be reduced to some babymama, that’s bitter and that’s a gold digger, its hurtful.

Does she hate Usher
Nope. Absolutely not. He is the father of my children and I love my kids more than life itself.

Watch the interview below
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Before the interview aired Tameka posted some behind the scenes pics on Instagram!

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