'Tis The Season of Hair Changing!!

Can you guess which MEGA SUPERSTAR has joined the "short hair don't care" crew?! 

Find out who inside!

Yup! That's right!!! The King herself has decided to do the big chop! Beyonce took to her Instagram last night to post pics of her new cut. 

A lot of stars have been changing up their hair lately, adding extensions and bright new colors, but we have yet to see (this year at least) a new fresh cut. Beyonce is always wowing us with whatever she does and this was definitely a SHOCKER! 

I think this is a cute style for Beyonce, I personally love short hair and I joined the team earlier this year. All Bey needs is a little jewelry to dress it up a little more and it will be extra SASSY. Change is always good, but we all know King Bey will be weaving it up when she goes back on tour in a few weeks. 

What do you think about Beyonce's new do?

You like it or nah?! 

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