Tyrese & Ex-Wife Battle It Out In Court Over Child Custody!!!

Things are getting super messy between singer/actor Tyrese and his ex-wife Norma Gibson over the custody of their 5-year-old daughter.

For years the ex-couple have been battling it out in court over custody. However, in 2009 an agreement was reached. It was decided that the former couple would share custody and Tyrese would have to pay $6,230 a month in child support.

Fast forward to 2013 and there are still some unresolved issues with Tyrese and his ex-wife. Obviously, the stress of the situation is getting to Tyrese who took to Instagram to discuss his custody issues and his disdain for the California custody laws! Le sigh! 

Side SASS: Despite all the drama from his custody case Tyrese revealed that he is writing his third book entitled "Black Rose." He goes on to give a description of the book which sounds like it's based on his relationship with his daughter and parent and child relationships in general. 

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