Tyrese Faints In The Club?!!

Oh no! It has been reported that singer Tyrese has been hospitalized after a club appearance with TGT.

Last night while partying and hosting the official album release party for their new album 3 Kings at popular DC Nightclub Park at 14th, Tyrese fainted. According to Elite DC:

"Around 1 AM this morning, party goers took to Twitter saying the singer, Tyrese, had passed out on the floor."

One club goer even watched the scene unfold and tweeted:

People have no respect! Trying to take pictures of him while he's unconscious is so disrespectful..SMH!  Thankfully, the singer eventually regained conscious and was just fine . After the incident Tank tweeted

TGT has been working super hard promoting their new album by doing radio interviews, touring, and hosting parties in a different city every night! However, the stress of it all must have taken a toll on Tyrese's body. We can only imagine the stress of promoting an album combined with a hot club and an over flow of drinks, that is definitely a recipe for disaster.

Watch the scene unfold below:

We here at The SASS hope Tyrese feels better!

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