Usher Retains Custody Of Sons Despite Tameka Foster Efforts

Tameka Foster doesn't look too happy in this picture.  After their son almost experienced a tragic accident earlier this week due to a pool incident, Tameka Foster called for an emergency custody hearing to regain custody of their two sons who Usher currently has primary custody of.

However, the justice system was not on her side as she was denied custody of their children AGAIN.  During the hearing Tameka broke down when asked questions about the incident:

Throughout the hearing they both took the stand along with Usher's Aunt Rena, who was caring for Usher V ("Cinco")during his accident. During the hearing Tameka made sure to mention that Usher hasn't been communicating with her on who has been watching their children, although Usher claims he has always kept Tameka in the loop. It was revealed to the judge that Usher's Aunt Rena has a disability from a car accident that should make her incapable of watching the children, however, when Rena took the stand she claimed that she has been watching the kids for years and Tameka didn't have a problem with it until now. Usher's lawyer claims that the pool accident was just that, an accident that could have happened to anyone. The lawyer also revealed that the reason Usher V is still in the hospital is because Usher wants every test imaginable ran on him before he is released, despite Tameka saying he was still in there due to a low heart rate. According to Usher's lawyer the boys are thriving with him and should remain in his custody.

It really breaks our heart that during this time when BOTH parents should be at his bed side they are in court fighting over custody. At what point is enough enough you know? In situations like this nobody truly wins. We here at The SASS hope Cinco gets better and gets to go home soon!

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