V Magazine Goes Gaga For Lady Gaga On Fall Cover!!!

Lady Gaga is known for getting naked at the drop of a dime. So we weren't too surprised when we saw the pics for her fall 2013 V Magazine feature where she bears it all again!

Side SASS: These pics are definitely not safe for work!

After all those rumors about whether or not Lady Gaga was a man she's quick to strip down and show every one that she was born this way, born a lady that is! Hey if you got if flaunt it and she does just that!

And if one naked Lady Gaga weren't enough, V magazine is going to release four separate September issues with Mother Monster. Each issue will have it's own unique cover and pictorial spread! Now that's hot!

These pics are definitely BOLD, but it's Lady Gaga what did you expect? All four issues will hit news stands August 29th!

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