"What You Twerking With?!"

LOL!!! This has to seriously be the craziest thing we have ever heard!! How would you feel if you knew you could twerk your way through college?! Well you may have that opportunity thanks to rapper Juicy J.
Like seriously, we literally died laughing when we heard this but it kind of makes sense. Juicy J announced via twitter that he would provide a $50,000 scholarship to the best TWERKER!

juicy j 50k twerk iamsupergorge 

Twerking has become so popular recently with the help of our girls Miley Cyrus (twerk miley miley twerk!!) and Nicki Minaj. Everybody...and we mean everybody lol, including us, has become addicted to twerking. So why not make it worth your while?! 

 photo juicysdd.png

LMAO!! This just can't be life!! But, in case it is, upload your best twerking video and tag Juicy J and see if you can win that scholarship! Who doesn't like free money?! Especially free money for school!! We might just enter that contest ourselves LOL! 

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