A$AP Rocky Accused Of Smacking A Female Fan

A$AP Rocky sure does love putting his hands on his female fans, and we don't mean in a good way either!

According to TMZ, A$AP Rocky has been charged with assault after allegedly smacking a female fan in the face while performing at the Budweiser Made In America Festival.

The woman claims that during A$AP's performance,  he went into the crowd and things got a little out of control. Fans began tearing his shirt off and grabbing him roughly. Apparently, A$AP got pissed and decided to take all his fuststrations out on this particular fan and slapped her in the face.

The woman immediately filed a criminal complaint with the District Attorney's Office, where she claims she received whiplash from the accident.

The SASS was live at the Made In America Festival and people were definitely out of control. The heat mixed with all that liquor and who knows what else could have easily caused fans to attack A$AP like they had lost their minds. However, that doesn't excuse him for his actions if it is true.

This isn't the first time that A$AP has slapped a female fan either! A few months ago while in Australia, he was caught on camera smacking a woman during a concert. We are really starting to think that A$AP has serious anger issues. He's always ready to pop off... he needs to really chill out! We know his mother taught him better than that! We wonder how his super model girlfriend, Chanel Iman, feels about her man just going around smacking woman...SMH

Watch A$AP Rocky's performance and him smacking a female fan in Australia below

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