"Baby I'ma Be Your Motivation.." Kelly Rowland Covers Shape Magazine!!!

"Baby I'ma be your motivation.." And motivation she is! Kelly Rowland is the October cover girl for Shape Magazine and babyyyyy she just made us want to do a million and one sit ups! How gorgeous is she and that body  is! In the feature the 32-year-old singer chats about her weakness for food and keeping her butt right and tight!

On her weakness for food:

"I love food so much, all I have to do is look at it and I gain 5 pounds.."

On how she curbs food cravings:

"I've come up with these variations on some of my favorites that give me the flavor I'm craving in a healthier way. When I want a steak, I grill some portobello mushrooms and put a little goat cheese on them. When I make fish tacos, rather than flour tortillas, I use butter lettuce leaves. And I've learned to satisfy my sweet tooth by replacing Reese's Peanut Butter Cups with half a tablespoon of almond butter on half a banana."

On her workout regime:

"I work out five or six times a week. I feel better, look better, sleep better...Being fit makes me feel sexy. Isn't everyone's goal when they work out, to look good naked?"

On keeping her booty right and tight:

"As I'm getting older, the Rowland family trait of having bigger bottoms is taking it's toll on my hips and butt. The other day, [my trainer Jeanette Jenkins] had me doing squats that were so hard I wanted to kill her. But my behind is getting higher and tighter. Exercise really does change your body."

With a cover as amazing as this one you know Kelly had to flex on Instagram a little bit..LOL!

Side SASS: We need that Kelly workout plan ASAP!!!

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